Insurance is an ever changing and increasingly complicated concern for our patients and for our practice! All of our physicians currently participate in the Medicare program. Due to the complexities and inadequacies of the insurance industry, it is best for you to call the billing department to see how your Cardiovascular Care Group physician can help you within the context of your personal insurance plan. Please call us at (973) 759-3936.


Throughout the years, billing for medical procedures has, unfortunately, become more and more complicated. Restrictions on access to physicians has seen many forms — the most recent being the dreaded “referral.” Many health insurance companies have attempted to contain expenditures by adding an additional “step” to the process of seeking specialty care — that is, requiring patients to receive a written referral from their Primary Care Physician (PCP). The Cardiovascular Care Group currently participates in several insurance programs and is obligated to follow the rules when it comes to our patients and their health insurance programs. We do not make the rules — we simply abide by those that the insurance company has set forth for proper care of our patients and their specific plans.

Therefore, if the insurer requires a referral, we are legally obliged to have that referral at the time service is provided. The physicians at TCCG fully understand the inconvenience that this may cause to the patient and the Primary Care Physician; however, there is little that we can do to alter the rules agreed to between you (the patient) and your insurance company.

Rest assured that our billing staff is very knowledgeable and willing to assist our patients in any way we can! Our billing staff is quite qualified and capable as they act on our patient’s behalf to insure that patients receive the benefits to which they are entitled!


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The Cardiovascular Care Group has seven (7) convenient office locations throughout New Jersey. If you should have any questions regarding our practice specialties, hospital affiliations, insurance & billing or you just have a general question about the practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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